Former UA assistant coach Book Richardson sentenced to three months in prison

The former Wildcats assistant also gets two years probation

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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Former assistant coach for U of A Men’s Basketball, Book Richardson, was sentenced to three months in prison for his part in the NCAA bribery scandal on Thursday, June 6.

Richardson will also have two years of probation following his prison term.

Prior to Judge Edgardo Ramos handing down Richardson’s sentence, we learned through Richardson’s attorney that he hasn’t had a full-time job since January 2018, when he was fired from Arizona. In court on Wednesday, June 5, former USC assistant coach, Tony Bland’s attorney referenced how Richardson was turned down for a job at Starbucks, citing the case’s notoriety. Instead, Richardson has been working for $40-50 per hour to train kids 7-14 years old.

As he left the courthouse grounds, holding hands with his wife, Richardson was also asked if Arizona head coach Sean Miller knew about Wildcat players being paid, something wiretapped phone calls caught Richardson and sports agent Christian Dawkins explicitly discussing in 2017 and which the NCAA will use to build in one of many highly anticipated cases currently transpiring in Indianapolis.

"You've got to ask him that," Richardson said. "He's not on trial. I was on trial."

He later contacted a reporter to clarify his statements and said he has "no knowledge of Sean Miller paying players or attempting to pay them."

Richardson is scheduled for surrender in New York on July 18.

Bland was sentenced to two years probation and 100 hours of community service.

There is a difference though between Bland and Richardson, the amount of bribe money the two were accused of accepting. Bland received a little over $4,000, while Richardson received $20,000.

Richardson’s lawyer had asked for probation, this after a probation officer recommended a sentence to Ramos of three months. Sentencing guidelines for a guilty violation gave Ramos the option to jail the former Wildcat assistant for up to two years.

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