Tucson man remembers experience in WWII

Tucsonan, WWII vet shares his story

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -Seventy-five years ago, on Thursday, troops stormed the beach at Normandy. Three days later, a Tucson man, Manuel O. Cady, stepped on the beach.

“It was all clean in three days,” said O. Cady.

He said they did not stop and think about what had happened a few days ago. They had a job to do, and a war to fight. He served for two years after being drafted at 18. He was awarded a Bronze Star for saving a comrade, but he was not able to save everyone. He recalls an ambush during the war.

“We threw the bodies in the tractor…and those were all my original brothers. I lost them all,” said O. Cady.

Once the war was over, he came home to Tucson. He said it took a while to get used to civilian life.

“I was still leery,” said O. Cady.

Eventually, everything fell into place. He got married and had five kids. Now, he gardens and loves to do yard work, even after turning 94 in April.

War memories are always close by, however, and he said his experiences need to be talked about so no one forgets. When it comes to war, he has a strong opinion after what he experienced.

“It should never happen again,” said O. Cady.

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