Google stops in Tucson to help nonprofits and small businesses

Google helping businesses

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - These days, it seems everything is online and keeping up with technology isn’t always easy.

"Well as you can see ... we're not young," said Gilbert Acosta. He's a small business owner in Tucson.

Acosta has been selling saguaros for the last 7 years and is now headed out on another business venture.

But he said he doesn't know it all when it comes to setting up a shop online.

"We're marketing primarily through major events -- like the gem show," said Acosta. "I'm having trouble standing up at events for 10-15 days."

This is why he came to the Grow with Google event, searching for some help.

He and several others are looking to the company for ways to grow their business.

It's all part of a nationwide effort. Google is traveling the country to libraries like the Joel Valdez Library in Tucson to make sure nonprofits and small business owners know how to use the tools of the web.

"How do I promote my business on Google Search?," asked Josh Auffret, the manager of production for Google Brandunit. "Where are my users coming from?"

He said those are just a couple of the questions being asked by people like Acosta, who sat in workshops throughout the day, making plans for his next big event.

"We're going to market all that stuff to those possible buyers before we get there," said Acosta.

The goal is to make lives easier for both the business and the buyer.

If you missed Monday's event, Google has ways for you to catch up on some of these workshops online.

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