How to keep critters out of your home during monsoon

How to keep critters out of your home during monsoon
Monsoon season could bring unwanted guests into your home (Source: kfda)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - We all know they're bothersome. The chance of spiders, crickets, and other pests getting inside your house increases during monsoon. The critters are looking for food, a place that isn't so hot, and water, all of which is typically inside of our homes.

Pest experts recommend strategic and active planning to try and avoid bugs finding a way into your home.

Their first tip: Maintain your plants. Keep plants like bushes about two feet from your house. Also, make an effort to frequently trim your plants so pests don’t collect and lay eggs in them.

The second tip: Watch your water. Bugs go where the water is and that is where they lay their eggs. So try to minimize on the amount of water you’re using on your patio and even in your home when water gets on counters and floors.

The third tip: Check seals. If your window or door seals are over two years old, pest experts recommend you replace them. That way the seals aren’t loose enough for critters to make their way in.

The fourth tip: Active planning. If you aren’t looking to pay for an exterminator or other types of pest controllers you can get a glue trap for your house. It’s best to put the glue traps in places in your home where your pets don’t frequently go so that you can identify what pests are in there. Professionals say the best place to do it is most often in your garage. And if you’re choosing to spray your house, wear protective gear and aim to do it once a month.

Pest experts say now that monsoon has begun we can expect to see crickets. Following that, sewer roaches and scorpions tend to come out. Then, in August, ticks are more common.

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