State attorney general warns of employment scams

AG warns of employment scams

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - What may look like a legitimate posting for a job could in some cases be fake, so the Arizona Attorney General’s Office is reminding job seekers to be aware.

The fake posting can be found on social media, in email and in some case in the newspaper. The scammers target recent or soon-to-be college graduates and people looking for quick employment. In some cases, the post will be on the same websites where legitimate employers advertise and they will make the logo look like a legitimate company.

Red flags to look for include obvious spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Or the job will offer a high salary with little to no experience required and the job will require very little work to do the job. The scammers will also ask for personal information without conducting an interview.

The BBB of Southern Arizona said it did an overview of the top scams of 2018 and one was the employment scam.

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