Tohono Chul: Adopt-A-Bee, receive exclusive invite to the Pollinator Party

Tohono Chul: Adopt-A-Bee, receive exclusive invite to the Pollinator Party
Adopt a bee program

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Everyone is abuzz about Tohono Chul’s fourth annual Adopt-A-Bee, where the public gets to adopt and name a native bee!

It is the park's passion for preservation and conservation that comes through in their Adopt-A-Bee campaign, a fun and quirky program that engages people here and across the United States. Adopt-A-Bee was created, not only to increase the awareness of the various native bee species in Southern Arizona, but also to promote the importance of bees as they sustain the local and international food economy. Tohono Chul's gardens rely heavily on a plethora of bee species to facilitate plant pollination, whether it’s for food sourcing from the Ethnobotany Garden, for the surrounding grounds featuring native plants, or to sustain products for their Retail Greenhouse. Adopt and name a bee right now on their website at

Bee adopters will also receive an exclusive invite to the Pollinator Party from 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday, June 21.

Beyond enjoying the regional honey bar by True Love Honey and live music with La Cerca, enjoy molecular gastronomy with bee pollen and honeycomb by the Garden Bistro along with bites from their newly launched Happy Hour menu.

Discuss urban beekeeping with See the Bees, as they are committed to raising awareness of honeybees and all that they do. Not to mention the chance to talk with local experts Stephen Buchmann and Greg Corman about attracting native bees to homeyards. Guests will also have the chance to have their photo taken on a 5-foot anatomically-correct Cactus Bee and check out all the chalk poetry art by Urban Poetry Pollinators.

The party not only promotes National Pollinator Week, but honors the work of these little winged things. National Pollinator Week (June 17-23, 2019) also highlights bats, birds, butterflies and bees for their contribution that ensures the survival of ecosystems. It is estimated that 90 percent of all flowering plants depend on animal pollinators to help them reproduce and that includes about 35 percent of the world’s food crops – consider that one bite in three at the dinner table depends on animal pollinators.

In fact, in the U.S., the pollination services provided by honey bees and other insects directly impact 150 different food crops and result in $20 billion worth of agricultural products each year.

Tohono Chul hopes the public will appreciate the humor and whimsy in the Adopt-A-Bee project, as they make no guarantee in actually being able to tell any bee apart long enough to name one (insert your bee name here). This silly campaign was created to inspire pollinator education, including raising awareness about why the bee community is so important to our survival.

For more event information and to adopt that bee visit their website at

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