Lisa Villegas’ forecast for Monsoon 2019

Lisa Villegas’ forecast for Monsoon 2019

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Southern Arizona had a great Monsoon last year.

Will 2019 be able to match it? In short, probably not.

The Tucson area received 7.02 inches of rain during Monsoon 2018, which is above the average of 6.08. The record is 13.84 inches, which happened in 1964. The least amount of rain for a Monsoon is 1.59 inches and it happened in 1924.

Unfortunately, it looks like southern Arizona is going to have a below average season this time around.

The reason? The high pressure system that usually moves into southern Arizona in late June will be late.

That means below-average rain totals, at least for now.

Things can always change. We may end up seeing a strong finish to Monsoon 2019.

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