A little heat doesn’t stop Tucson

Workers brave the Arizona heat

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Wednesday, June 12 Tucson was really heating up. Temperatures above 100 degrees across the city made for a warm afternoon to say the least.

The heat didn’t stop workers from getting their jobs done though. Antonio Pena, with La Cholla Landscaping, had four jobs to do Wednesday.

“Summertime is usually the busiest,” said Pena, who often works in temperatures above 100 degrees, he’s had to learn how to keep cool.

“A gallon of water helps at night,” said Pena.

He says he drinks a lot of water throughout the day and then rehydrates before bed. He also wets a bandana, wears a hat and paces himself.

“I don’t think a day is too hot as long as you work steady with your work, and like I said, you drink a lot of water,” said Pena.

He grew up in Tucson, so he’s used to the heat.

Across town, Orlando Yrigolla, a construction and maintenance worker with the City of Tucson, was feeling the same.

“I’m used to this. I’m a native. I’ll take dry heat any day,” said Yrigolla.

The City of Tucson was busy getting ready for the start of their Operation Splash program at the Rodeo Grounds as the temperatures heated up. Yrigolla was helping to load and unload sandbags.

“It’s worth it, (to) help out people when it actually does come down and rain,” said Yrigolla.

The City will have the sandbags available for pick up every Wednesday from 4 pm to 8 pm at the Rodeo Grounds until September 11. The City said they usually give out about 22,000 bags a year, but they have about 60,000 unfilled bags on hand, in case the need arises. This is the fourth year for the program.

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