Man, dog attacked by javelinas in Oro Valley

Javelina attack warning, man fights off animals while walking dog

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - It’s a daily thing for Mordechai Katz and his dog Ted to walk to the park near La Canada and Naranja.

But on Tuesday, June 18, Ted wasn’t with him. He was at home recovering.

“We had come over here and this is where we noticed the grass was all chewed up.”

It was the first of a several signs that told Katz something was off.

“We got to here and heard the noise in the bushes and they just charged out. When I saw the first one I knew I was in trouble because by the time I saw him he was already on the grass, that’s how quick he was,” Katz said.

Several javelinas, Katz said maybe six or seven, charged out of the bushes, heading straight for his dog.

"Ted attacked the first one that came after him here. And as he fought them other ones came in to attack him from the sides,” Katz said.

Katz left only to grab a rock and use his voice to fend them off.

“I screamed until I lost my voice. So I really had no other choice at that point.”

Until finally, the group of javelinas, known as a squadron, gave in.

"They got tired of fighting with Ted and they left. Ted chased them to the edge of the wash there. And then he came over here and collapsed. He was just spent,” Katz said.

Ted is now home from the vet, tail still wagging, despite needing some stitches and lots of TLC.

For Katz, he’s thankful they both escaped with minor injuries. But wants this to act as a lesson for everyone.

"Word of advice is just, if you have a dog and you come near a wash, just be aware that they’re there and they can appear very quickly,” Katz said.

This is not the only report of javelina attacks in the area. Katz said another resident and their German shepherd were attacked. Unfortunately, their dog passed from its injuries.

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