Report litterers on state highways with a simple call: Dial 511

Report litterers on state highways with a simple call: Dial 511
Unwanted litter

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - ADOT has made it a lot easier to report drivers who toss trash out of their vehicles. People merely need to dial a simple number: 511.

That’s the number to ADOT’s recently enhanced Traveler Information Line, which now features an option to report litterbugs on state highways. Once drivers call 511, they can select the second option for the litter hotline. Callers are then asked to provide a license plate number, type of litter, location, and time of day.

ADOT uses the information to send a letter to the vehicle’s registered owner to remind the person that littering is illegal and can result in a $500 fine when witnessed by law enforcement.

ADOT’s letter includes a small litterbag to place inside the car for future use and a "Thank you" for helping us Keep Arizona Grand, ADOT's litter program motto. ADOT has issued more than 1,300 of these letters in the past year.

The letter also informs drivers of the high price of litter, as it costs more than $4 million a year to remove trash from Arizona highways. Plus, roadside trash leaves residents and visitors with a poor impression of Arizona.

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