Expired donations slow down food bank’s mission

Expired donations slow down food bank’s mission

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona receives thousands of donations each year, but a small portion of those have to be thrown out.

The organization, which supports five counties, wants to remind the community that expired items can slow down the process.

In some cases, the donations are decades old.

“We did see a box of Jell-O, I’m told, that came in the other day from 1997. We know that we can’t serve that and it is kind of funny to think about something that would’ve last that long. ... At the same time we have to be concerned about the health and safety of our food supply," said Norma Cable who represents the food bank.

Cable said expired foods make up about 10 percent of donations brought in through community food banks. Depending on how expired they are, most end up in the trash.

This creates more work for volunteers that sort through the foods and limits the amount of food the organization can give away.

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