Vail man admits to murdering wife, daughter

Hernando Enriquez was also accused in attempting to kill his son.

Vail man admits to murdering wife, daughter
Source: (PCSD)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Vail man accused of killing his wife and daughter and attempting to kill his son has reached a plea deal in the case.

On June 10, Hernando Enriquez pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder.

He will officially be sentenced Aug. 19, but according to the plea he will get “life and shall not be released until the completion of the service of 25 years.”

According to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Hernando killed his wife, Sandra Enriquez and teenage daughter, Isabelle Enriquez in Feb. 2018. Hernando was also accused of trying to kill his teenage son.

Authorities said Hernando killed Sandra and Isabelle at their Vail home. After that, he called his son and asked him to come home from school.

The teen said when he arrived home, Hernando met him outside and told him he needed help cleaning up after "playing some kind of game inside."

The son said when he walked inside, Hernando picked up a hammer, tire iron or jack stand and began beating him in the head.

The teen said Hernando said, "Just let me do what I need to do," and "I'm taking away your mom and sister and I need to finish this."

The boy said he fought back and the two ended up in the kitchen.

Hernando then grabbed a knife and began stabbing his son, according to the search warrant.

The teen was able to escape and run to a home to call for help.

Investigators said they found Sandra and Isabelle Enriquez dead in a bathtub. Both bodies had stab wounds along with blunt force trauma wounds.

Hernando was found injured in a wash near the home. Investigators said he was covered in blood and had a knife with him. He repeatedly told deputies to "just go ahead and kill me."

The teen told deputies Hernando had been under a doctor’s care for depression and insomnia and had been taking prescription and over-the-counter medicines for both.

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