Fireworks sales begin in Arizona, reminder to be safe

Fourth of July Fireworks

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - It’s hard to believe, it’s that time of year again.

We're only days away from snaps and pops of fireworks heard around the Old Pueblo.

People like Pualeialoha Shirshac are ready.

"This is day one of selling," he said. Sales are already off to a good start. "It's busier than I expected, but that's always a good thing."

Shirshac has run one of the Desert Sky Fireworks tents for the last three years.

That's long enough for him to pick a favorite firework of his own.

"My favorite is the Keg Party," he said. "It's a fountain."

Monday, June 24 marks day one of being able to legally use some of these fireworks in Arizona.

But, of course, only certain kinds.

"The highest legal limit we can sell is the 500 gram," Shirshac said.

Fireworks that shoot into the sky are not allowed.

Though, while you celebrate with any size firework, there’s a chance of starting a fire.

Dry brush like this can light up in seconds. That’s why firefighters want you to light your fireworks on concrete--away from any grass or homes.

"It's dry, it's very hot out," said Rural Metro Battalion Chief John Walka. "It's pretty dangerous as far as fireworks go."

That's a recipe for a wildfire waiting to happen.

Walka said there have been less and less fires started by fireworks over the years.

But, they still happen.

Around this time last summer, KOLD was told firefighters with Rural Metro in went on about five of these kinds of calls.

They hope by getting the word out to be safe, they'll go on even less this year.

"Of course 4th of July is no fun if you have a disaster going on or a major brush fire going on," said Walka.

So when business picks up at tents like Shirshac's over the next couple of weeks, keep some of these safety tips in mind.

"4th of July - I'm expecting I won't be able to leave the register," said Shirshac.

Battalion Chief Walka also recommends checking out professional fireworks shows instead.

He said leaving it to pros is the best way to avoid any chance of sparking a fire.

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