UA Athletics rebounds nationally in 2018-19

The Wildcats slipped to 51st in 2017-18 but rallied to finish 41st this year

UA finishes 41st in Directors' Cup

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Arizona Athletics finished out of the Top 40 of the Learfield IMG Directors’ Cup for a third consecutive year.

But there was some good to the annual rankings of the best Division I athletic programs in the country.

UA placed 41st which was ten positions higher than their all-time worst showing of 51st in 2018.

The Directors’ Cup has been in existence for 26 years dating back to the 1993-94 athletic year. Schools can count up to 19 teams in their annual points total with four of those teams having to be women’s volleyball, women’s and men’s basketball and baseball.

Arizona sent 13 of it’s 21 sports teams to NCAA Championship competitions this year. That was up from just ten in 2017-18.

Clancy Shields’ men’s tennis program provided one of the bigger boosts as the Wildcats qualified for the NCAA Tournament for the first time in ten years.

Two women’s programs led the way for Arizona as golf and softball finished Top 5 in the country.

Laura Ianello’s squad followed their 2018 national championship on the links by tying for 3rd place overall.

Mike Candrea’s ladies went back to the Women’s College World Series and won a game for the first time in nine years.

UA however finished behind rival ASU in the national rankings for a second consecutive year. The Sun Devils placed 19th overall, their highest finish in ten years (12th-2009).

The Wildcats have beaten Arizona State in 15 of the 26 years of the Directors’ Cup. ASU though won the Decade of the Teens (2010-19) with a 6-4 advantage.

Stanford took home the Directors’ Cup for a 25th consecutive year (link to full standings). North Carolina won the initial title in 1994.

The Pac-12 had three of its programs finish in the Top 6 overall and six schools landed in the Top 25.

Arizona finished 8th overall in terms of Pac-12 teams in the Directors’ Cup and 7th in conference in our David Kelly’s new Big 6 rankings.

The Big 6 is how Pac-12 schools fared in the sports of women’s volleyball, football, women’s and men’s basketball, softball and baseball.

Four of the Wildcats’ Big 6 programs failed to make NCAA post-season tournaments this athletic year (Football, Women’s and Men’s Basketball and Baseball).

Adia Barnes’ women’s basketball team won the National Invitation Tournament but only NCAA Tournaments are counted in the Directors’ Cup format.

UA finished in the Top 10 of the annual rankings in the first nine years of its existence, peaking as the 4th best athletics program in the country in 1994-95.

Arizona ranked 39th overall this year in terms of the 65 schools from Power 5 conferences (Pac-12, Big-10, SEC, ACC and Big-12).

Kansas State (94th) and Washington State (88th) were the lowest ranked of the Power 5 schools. BYU (29th) and Princeton (30th) were the highest ranked non-Power 5 schools.

Learfield IMG Directors’ Cup Top 10

  1. Stanford (1567.75)
  2. Michigan (1272.25)
  3. Florida (1156.75)
  4. Texas (1148.50)
  5. USC (1075.75)
  6. UCLA (1056.50)
  7. Florida State (1046.25)
  8. Virginia (1037.50)
  9. Duke (1001.00)
  10. North Carolina (987.00)

Pac-12 Directors’ Cup Standings (NCAA rank, School, Pts., Pac-12 rank)

  • 1) Stanford (1567.75) (1st)
  • 5) USC (1075.75) (2nd)
  • 6) UCLA (1056.50) (3rd)
  • 18) California (835.75) (4th)
  • 19) Arizona State (821.00) (5th)
  • 24) Washington (801.00) (6th)
  • 27) Oregon (762.25) (7th)
  • 41) Arizona (572.50) (8th)
  • 50) Colorado (511.00) (9th)
  • 65) Oregon State (364.35) (10th)
  • 79) Utah (278.75) (11th)
  • 88) Washington State (206.50) (12th)

DK’s Pac-12 Big 6 (Volleyball, Football, W&M Basketball, Softball and Baseball)

  1. Stanford (319.50)
  2. Oregon (265.00)
  3. Washington (260.00)
  4. UCLA (228.00)
  5. Arizona State (201.50)
  6. Washington State (131.50)*
  7. Arizona (103.00)
  8. California (100.00)
  9. Oregon State (89.00)
  10. Utah (75.00)
  11. USC (50.00) *
  12. Colorado (25.00)*

* Washington State and USC do not compete in softball. Colorado does not compete in either baseball or softball.

2018-19 Arizona Athletics Directors’ Cup finishes (NCAA rank, Sport, Pts.)

  • (3rd) Women’s Golf (82.5)
  • (5th) Softball (78.0)
  • (14th) Women’s Swimming (61)
  • (16th) Men’s Swimming (58.5)
  • (17th) Soccer (50.0)
  • (22nd) Men’s Outdoor Track (51.5)
  • (25th) Men’s Indoor Track (47.5)
  • (33rd) Gymnastics (37)
  • (33rd) Volleyball (25)
  • (33rd) Men’s Tennis (25)
  • (48th) Women’s Outdoor Track (22)
  • (50th) Men’s Golf (21)
  • (59th) Women’s Indoor Track (13)
  • (DNQ) Women’s Cross Country, Men’s Cross Country, Football, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Baseball, Women’s Tennis

Arizona Athletics (Directors’ Cup history)

  • (41st)-2019
  • (51st)-2018 (Lowest)
  • (42nd)-2017
  • (25th)-2016
  • (36th)-2015
  • (26th)-2014
  • (23rd)-2013
  • (19th)-2012
  • (16th)-2011
  • (30th)-2010
  • (24th)-2009
  • (27th)-2008
  • (24th)-2007
  • (11th)-2006
  • (18th)-2005
  • (12th)-2004
  • (16th)-2003
  • (9th)-2002
  • (5th)-2001
  • (8th)-2000
  • (t9th)-1999
  • (6th)-1998
  • (6th)-1997
  • (7th)-1996
  • (4th)-1995 (Highest)
  • (6th)-1994

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