WATCH: Tucson Sector Border Patrol Chief gives tour of processing center

Tucson Sector Border Patrol Chief gives tour of processing center

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - As immigrant advocates and lawmakers demand inspections at detention facilities across the border, one federal official is striking back.

Tucson Sector Border Patrol Chief Roy Villareal tweeted out a video tour of a processing center in southern Arizona.

Villareal said he wanted to “dispel some of the misinformation out there in regards to our tent cities.”

In court filings, lawyers have claimed young migrants are being denied soap and showers and flu is spreading through the facilities. Allegedly, some migrants haven’t been able to brush their teeth for days or weeks and are still wearing the same dirty clothes they used to cross the border weeks before.

Most of the complaints are about detention facilities in Texas, not Arizona.

Villareal showed a supply closet, which he said is typical in the Tucson sector. In the room, there were medical supplies, hygiene supplies and clothing.

Villareal then showed a supply cart full of snacks, baby formula, Mylar blankets and tooth brushes.

He then showed a holding cell with a fresh water supply and working sink and toilet.

Villareal downed a cup of water from the sink to show that it is safe to drink.

Villareal, who has been with Border Patrol for 30 years, took charge of the Tucson Sector in March 2019.

He told KOLD News 13 the Tucson Sector is an operational challenge because of the distance and terrain.

There are currently just under 4,000 agents to patrol about 300 miles of border in central and southeastern Arizona.

“To cover the expanse of border that we have for our responsibility, it certainly is not enough,” Villareal said in early May.

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