90-year-olds strut their stuff in fashion show

Tucson's top models, group of elderly women part of fashion show

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - “Is my hair okay?” asked Bernice “Sissy” Jacobsmauyier. She has a big day. At 100 years old, she is walking in a fashion show.

“Oh, they just asked me, and I thought might as well,” said Jacobsmauyier.

She isn’t the only one strutting her stuff. Residents at Atria Campana del Rio Senior Living are all walking the show. Everyone in it is 90 years or older.

“This is my first experience,” said Ruth Atebara, a 97-year-old model.

They are modeling Unique Fashions clothes.

“I was doing my best, but my escort kept wanting me to do more,” said Doris Nicholson, a 97-year-old model.

Other residents escorted the ladies, men who were under the age of 90.

“He was wild! One wild man, but he was only 88, so we have to forgive him,” said Nicholson.

The Senior Living facility regularly puts on events like this one to keep residents busy and happy. They also have ambassadors to show folks around and welcome them. Nicholson is one. She keeps the gardens in the pool area trim and proper.

“I didn’t know I would stay so fit! I apologize for that,” said Nicholson.

For 97, she keeps busy helping others, but she has a struggle of her own.

“I have cancer,” said Nicholson.

At age 95, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She decided to not have any surgery and to see what would happen, so she moved into Atria.

“It seems to have stabilized at some point. I don’t know when it will spring up again,” said Nicholson.

She is wasting no time living her life.

“You might as well. You might as well enjoy what’s left,” said Nicholson. “Life is what you make of it. I’ve always tried to look forward to things, not a lot of looking back and wishing things were different, because they’re not going to change.”

The stage of a fashion show seems to be the perfect place for her.

“She has always been my role model in life. I followed her into education….and to see her modeling clothes was just right,” said Jeannie Wager, Nicholson’s daughter.

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