Last-minute summer travels? Watch for 'road gators’

Make preparations for driving in extreme heat

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - With summer coming to a close, many people are taking advantage of the final days to take weekend road trips.

But before you make plans, the Arizona Department of Transportation urges you to take some extra precautions ahead of and during your travels.

Clayton Lang made a pit stop at a gas station in Marana as he traveled from California to Georgia.

He said “road gators” were all over the road, keeping him on his toes. We’re not talking about the Florida kind - instead, tire debris scattered all over the road. Lang says they were most common driving through Arizona.

“I’ve seen them way more here than I have anywhere else. Like a half hour ago I saw a pile and was like what that’s odd," he said.

Mechanic Anthony Monterroso, who works with Jack Furrier, says it’s a common problem on the roads with extreme heat. He said if your tire is bad, running it on hot asphalt is leading to the mess on our highways.

But Monterroso says fixing the problem is easy.

“Come in, maybe check the treads, rotate your tires just try to keep them up to date as much as you can," he said.

Below are some more travel tips from ADOT:

  • Check your car’s A/C and coolant levels
  • Top off your engine fluids
  • Make sure your battery is good to go
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Be ready in case you break down - Have enough water for everyone in the car, a fully charged cell phone and make sure your tank is at least three-quarters full.

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