Tucsonan experiencing problems with new ‘Park and Ride’ location

Park and Ride tow threat

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Construction on Ruthrauff is confusing the park-and-ride situation for some who take the bus.

For the past year, Eric Reterstorf has used Sun Tran to get to and from work. He rides route 17 that requires him to park in a nearby park and ride.

But as of April 12, the Sun Tran Park and Ride lot he normally parked in closed permanently, due to the I-10/Ruthrauff Road interchange construction.

According to the Sun Tran website:

"Riders of Route 17 are encouraged to use the nearby Park and Ride location at the Victory Assembly of God Church at 2561 West Ruthrauff Road, just east of I-10 and Ruthrauff at Kain Avenue."

Which is exactly what Reterstorf did. Until he hit a speed bump Thursday evening.

“I got back to the car and there was this note that was sticking out. I opened the door and it fell out and I said whats that?" explained Reterstorf.

Tucked into his drivers side door was a piece of white paper. The letter is addressed to Trenton, who Reterstorf tells us is the owner of the car. However he has been borrowing it for the past month or so.

It reads:

"This is not your driveway nor is it a "park and ride." This is private property and it is requested that you please refrain from using this area and parking lot as your garage. Thank you."

Letter to driver in Park and Ride problem (Source: KOLD News 13)
Letter to driver in Park and Ride problem (Source: KOLD News 13)

You can imagine his confusion.

"Where do I park? Do I park here or don’t I?" said Reterstorf.

KOLD reached out to Sun Tran—who told us they’ve had a park and ride agreement with the church since 1992 and have had no request from the church to end it.

Reterstorf reached out to the church the day it happened, but didn't get a response since it was after 5 p.m. Reterstorf then called again Friday morning and said he spoke to someone over the phone.

"They sort of hmmed and hawed and said this is not a park and ride. It is, but some people park here. But it’s not an official park and ride.”

Leaving him feeling targeted and out of options.

“This is my only option to park here and take the 17 in. Is the car not pretty enough to be their in that parking lot?”

And now, all he wants is some answers.

“I'm hoping they’ll come to an agreement and open up the park and ride.”

Church officials were not able to speak with KOLD News 13 on camera on Friday but did tell Sun Tran they were not aware of anyone writing the note.

Sun Tran says they will be working with the church next week to hopefully resolve the issue.

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