Officer responds to house party complaint, rides mechanical bull

Officer responds to loud party in Texas, rides mechanical bull

KILGORE, Texas (CNN) - A noise complaint turned into a wild ride for a Texas police officer.

Officers responded to a house party going on Saturday night, with a mechanical bull in the backyard.

One officer decided to try out the bull. And he managed to stay on it for almost 30 seconds, before falling off.

The party crowd gave him cheers and high fives.

Nice ridin', Tex.
Nice ridin', Tex. (Source: Kilgore PD/CNN)

In the end, the officers told the revelers to keep it down.

The police department also joked on Facebook that the bash wouldn't be that memorable if the officers hadn't shown off their bull-riding skills.

The party was a birthday celebration for a woman who turned 22.

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