Protected bike lanes added to Starr Pass Boulevard

Flexible delineators separate traffic

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The city of Tucson has installed flexible delineators along Starr Pass Boulevard to protect bicyclist.

After the road was repaved recently, the city added the delineators on both sides of the road from near I-10 all the way to South Shannon Road.

The city says there are 262 delineators along Starr Pass. They separate vehicular traffic from the cycling lane.

For right now, the city is calling this a test case to see if it will make the roads safer.

The city also narrowed the lanes on Starr Pass to reduce speeds by drivers and, in turn, reduce crashes.

The city says delineators are an inexpensive way to protect cyclists. Each post installed is about $100 and the cost to add them to Starr Pass was around $28,000.

Delineators also serve as a safety measure for drivers. If a distracted driver were to hit one it makes a thud and gets the driver’s attention.

The city tell us, the post are pretty durable, and will pop back up if they are hit by a car.

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