Restaurant Report Card: Market snags health inspectors’ attention

KOLD Restaurant Report Card: Market snags inspectors' attention

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A Tucson grocery store has gotten the attention of health inspectors in this installment of Restaurant Report Card.

Empire Market is just east of downtown, near East Ninth Street and North Bean Avenue.

Inspectors first stopped by on July 1.

They say the sink was broken and the grocery store was dealing with cold-holding issues. They were not keeping food cold enough.

The report included pictures showing things like Lunchables and cheese above 41 degrees.

Inspectors went back on July 11 for a follow-up and that report indicated that both the sink and cold-holding problems were still not fixed.

Inspectors say the sink was working an a third visit.

But the cold-holding struggles continue and they say Empire could be put on probation.

Below is a list of places the health department said failed from July 19 - 25. To see the latest information about restaurants that have failed in the past, search for the restaurant on the health department website.

  • Circle K #1011, 3102 E. Benson Highway
  • Coyote Grill, 4201 S. Camino del Sol
  • Jack In The Box, 4455 E. Broadway Boulevard
  • New Empire Market, 526 E. Ninth Street
  • Pusch Ridge Preschool and Kindergarten, 10361 N. Oracle Road
  • Trattoria Ragazzi, 101 S. La Cañada Drive #51

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