RV, trailer parking code takes effect Aug. 1 in Sierra Vista

RV, trailer parking code takes effect Aug. 1 in Sierra Vista

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A City ordinance prohibiting the long-term parking of recreational vehicles and trailers on public streets in Sierra Vista takes effect on Thursday, Aug. 1, after being approved by the City Council in May.

The proposed code change was reviewed and recommended for approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission, before being discussed and fine tuned by the City Council at several public meetings in the spring. The new ordinance addresses concerns about how trailers and RVs present public safety hazards, negatively affect neighborhood aesthetics, and disrupt certain services and deliveries when parked long-term on residential streets.

“This gives the City the ability to ensure complaints regarding long-term parking of trailers and recreational vehicles can be addressed,” Community Development Director Matt McLachlan says. “The code is similar to measures adopted in many other communities that help keep residential streets safe by preserving line of sight for motorists, while also protecting neighborhood aesthetics that many residents’ value.”

Under the new code, it is unlawful for any trailer, camper, mobile home, boat, trailer house, motor home, or other recreational vehicle to be parked in a public street, alley, or other public place for more than five days within a 30-day period. To comply with the new City ordinance, the vehicle or trailer must be stored on private property, preferably in the rear or side yard, or moved to a proper storage facility. The use of a trailer at a job site is allowed, provided it is actively in use.

The City will provide notice and work with residents to ensure compliance. However, if the owner of the vehicle or trailer does not ultimately comply, they will be given a citation and their trailer or vehicle may be towed at their expense.

To report a possible violation of this ordinance, contact the Sierra Vista Police Department non-emergency dispatch line at (520) 458-3311.

For more information, check the City’s list of frequently asked questions by going to www.SierraVistaAZ.gov and searching for “RV, trailer parking code FAQ,” or navigate to it directly under the “At a Glance” column on the homepage.

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