Tucsonans prep for storms in metro area

Prepping for coming storms

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The sounds of thunder and raindrops are ones Tucsonans know well over the summer.

It was a July 13 storm on the city’s west side that brought Ted Cordery and his wife, Cindy, out to get sandbags at Hi Corbett Field on Tuesday.

"We like the rain," said Ted. "We like the smell of the desert after the rain."

Though, these monsoon lovers don't love cleaning up the damage it can leave behind.

"We sure got pounded this year so far."

That’s why one by one, they filled all 10 bags they were allowed.

"If we didn't get out ahead of it to stop the erosion that might come from the next storm," Ted said. "We've got a big job and more money to spend later."

They packed up each one in the back of their truck and headed on home to unload.

“Nobody anticipates they’re going to get into some major rainfall, but when we do, it’s a shocker,” Ted said. He was shocked that because of that July 13 storm, his home saw about three inches of rain within an hour.

"I don't think even in the tropics I've been in three inches of rain in one hour," he said.

So he and his wife, Cindy, wanted to be prepared.

"We've been putting in a lot of work on this place," he said. He and his wife are rainwater harvesters. "We're not totally done with trying to manage the water on our property. We're trying to keep as much as possible on our property without running off."

So they continue to lay out sandbags, keeping the good water in and floodwaters out.

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