Monsoons can cause headaches for border patrol

CBP agents face challenges during monsoon season

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Their job doesn’t stop because it’s raining, but it can make it harder. CBP said during monsoons, it can be tougher to track people.

“You can have a surge of water running down a wash at a moment’s notice,” said Sgt. Jacob Stukenberg, with CBP.

They said as the heavy rains come in and flood areas, it can erase small signs agents use to track people crossing. Things like broken sticks, overturned rocks and footprints can all be wiped out—an opportune time for cartels.

“The cartel unfortunately knows this so they will try to send individuals over right before or during a monsoon rain,” said Stukenberg.

In June 2019, the Southwest Border Patrol units have apprehended more than 30,000 adults and more than 57,000 family units, a time there’s normally a small dip.

“We’re still 20 percent over what we were this time last year as far as crossing and apprehensions,” said Stukenberg.

CBP said to combat the rain and cartels that take advantage of it, they just put as many boots on the ground as they can.

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