A Mountain survey results push for safety and cleanliness

KOLD A Mountain survey results show need for safety

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Born and raised in Tucson, George Hernandez loves a good view.

"You've got a 360 view if you go around the mountain," Hernandez said. "You get a good view of Tucson and see how it's growing."

It’s why he comes up to A Mountain - to get that picture perfect shot with his family.

"It gives you quality time," he said. "On a day like this, it can't get any better."

While the day can't get any better, he said the park can.

"One of my biggest problems up here is litter."

He's not alone in that thought.

The City of Tucson recently conducted a survey to find out what they can do better on Sentinel Peak.

Now the results are in.

Many of the people who took the survey said the city needs to focus on keeping A Mountain clean. That means tackling things like litter and vandalism.

But cleanliness isn't the only priority. So is safety.

Those asked about the Tucson landmark said they'd even be okay with some car-free days on the peak, thus allowing better access for people who aren't behind the wheel.

"When you're coming up the mountain, especially if there are bikers - I just go their speed cause there's just no passing them," Hernandez said.

But while the city figures out how to look into these top issues, Hernandez continues to do his part, leaving A Mountain better than how he found it.

These survey findings are a part of a draft report put together by the City of Tucson.

They're still working to finalize their plan.

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