Restaurant Report Card: Popular seafood restaurant forced to close temporarily

KOLD Restaurant Report Card, Friday, Aug. 9

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A popular place for seafood in Tucson was forced to shut down temporarily because the health department said it wasn’t safe to eat there.

A sign posted recently at Mariscos Chihuahua, 2902 E. 22nd Street, said the establishment was closed for maintenance.

So KOLD News 13 did some digging and learned the health department had forced the restaurant to shut down after a routine inspection on July 23.

The report said a lot of food was not being kept under 41 degrees.

Bad food temperatures, a common violation, can lead to fast-growing bacteria, causing you to get sick.

An inspector found tomatoes, oysters and salsa showing temperatures in the 60s.

The inspector also said she saw moldy cheese.

The health department called this an imminent health hazard, so it forced Marisco’s to close and stop food deliveries.

The report said the manager was going to call a technician to fix the refrigerators right away.

The restaurant was allowed to reopen a few days later when inspectors found all the refrigerators were keeping food cold enough.

Below is a list of places the health department said failed from July 26-Aug. 1. To see the latest information about restaurants that have failed in the past, search for the restaurant on the health department website.

  • ARCO AM / PM, 501 W. Irvington Road
  • Circle K #2939, 3155 E. Speedway Boulevard
  • Circle K #1011, 3102 E. Benson Highway
  • Family Dollar #30188, 2820 W. Los Reales
  • JS Wing Factory, 6330 E. Golf Links Road #132
  • Marisco’s Chihuahua, 2902 E. 22nd Street

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