TPD using drones to help with investigations

Drones give Tucson police new tool for investigations

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Tucson Police Department has a new tool that officers can use to help with certain investigations. The department purchased two drones.

TPD said they started looking into a drone program about two years ago. Last week, they launched the program. The drones were used to investigate two deadly crashes.

The drones will be run from the forensics department and they will have two functions. The primary function, crime scene mapping, allowing them to get a birds eye view of a scene. This would be for deadly crashes and homicides that occur outside. The drone allows police to map the area and look to see if things are out of place or even find evidence.

The second use of the drone, urban search and rescue. Police say, they could use the drone to try and locate a missing a child or look or a vulnerable adult.

TPD said they are concerned about privacy of the public. So they have the ability to program where the drone to fly and when to take pictures.

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