Cowboys called to corral bulls on the loose in NC

Cowboys called to corral rodeo bulls on the loose in Weddington

WEDDINGTON, N.C. (WBTV) - Some people living in Union County, North Carolina found runaway rodeo bulls running through their neighborhood.

Officials say the rodeo bulls got loose from their home in Stallings about three weeks ago.

In order to get the bulls safely out of the street, residents called in some cowboys from Statesville. The cowboys told the neighbors that this wasn’t the first time they have been called in for something like this.

The Weddington Mayor Elizabeth Callis says she’s been getting calls since then.

She says she has gotten about 12-15 calls total from people who live there, saying they’d spotted the bulls in places around town.

She says the owners were making every attempt to get them, finally cornered the bulls there and brought them to safety.

“I’m relieved, I’m glad to know nobody was hurt. Having these animals the size that they are out in the road if a car hits them, it could have been really, it could have been a bad situation. So we’re glad they’re captured, we’re glad they’re back at home, we’re glad the owner was able to get his cowboys out, and get them,” Mayor Callis said.

Those rodeo bulls have quite a different temperament than some of the other bulls and cows normally on Weddington farms.

Everyone involved says they’re just glad no one tried to approach them over the last few weeks.

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