Body cam video: Calif. police officers save choking child

CULVER CITY, Calif. (KCAL/CNN) - Dramatic body cam video released by police in Culver City, California, shows two officers racing into an apartment last month to save a boy who was choking and being held by a frantic mother.

Heart-pounding seconds went by as the officers tried to clear the child’s airway.

The video starts with an officer jumping from the passenger seat and running toward an apartment building. His partner was right on his heels.

The officer took the child from his distraught mom and pounded on the boy’s back to clear anything stuck in his throat.

The officers rushed the boy outside, one of them carrying him face down on his arm.

Finally, they heard the sound they'd been waiting for - crying meant breathing.

The boy was able to see his heroes again this week when the Culver City Council hosted him and his family and honored the officers who saved his life.

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