Businesses on University Ave. looking to hire after summer slump

Dutch Eatery expects to employ 20-25 students to begin the Fall

Campus businesses gear up for students return

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The posters are plastered along storefronts of University Boulevard.

Help is wanted as local businesses get ready to get out of their summer slump.

“We got to about 30 percent or less than they are during the year," Nicole Van Winden, owner the Dutch Eatery, not only loses money but her student staff over the summer. Now that students are slowly starting to move back in, business is picking back up. But that doesn’t mean the potential employees are ready to get to work.

"We get a good amount of applications, but a lot of the students aren’t in town yet to be able to interview them," said Van Winden.

To top it off, Van Winden found out Friday that they’re going to have a concession stand at football and basketball games which means they’ll need even more than normal.

“Were going to be hiring 20-25 more students so we’re really excited," said Van Winden.

Down the street at Pitaya, Amanda Betz said a full staff is around 7 people and 3-4 are seasonal, making almost half of their staff disappear over the summer and breaks.

“We were working a lot but in here it was really empty because the only customers we were getting were locals," said Betz.

Which is why they started hiring a few weeks ago, to make sure their spots were filled as theirstorefront does.

“We’re understaffed and then rush week is crazy busy in here so we wanted to make sure we were ready for it.”

Despite the slow climb to getting back to full staff, local businesses on the boulevard are ready to welcome the wildcats back home.

“Tt will make this weekend busy but we’re really looking forward to it. And the staff that is here has been here for the summer and it’s been slower so they’re also looking forward to working hard and making a little bit of extra money. Even if that means they work a few long days," said Van Winden.

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