Farewell ceremony for Tucson soldiers heading to El Paso

Soldiers head to Fort Bliss to train fellow medics who will be deploying into combat zones

Tucson medical troops head to El Paso

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Sunday was a “see you later” for some Tucson soldiers.

The 7400th troop medical clinic is off to their new mission. They will be in El Paso, TX at Fort Bliss training other soldiers who are about to deploy in combat medicine.

“For the soldiers, it’s tough,” said Captain Joshua Reddoch. “You’re basically wearing two hats. You’re close enough to home to be part of it, but you’re not in home to actually be participating. That being said, a lot of these soldiers, this isn’t their first rodeo and they’re prepared for it.”

Reddoch said 90 percent of battlefield deaths could be prevented if the soldiers got aid in the field with the training the 7400th troop will teach.

The soldiers will be in El Paso for a year. They had their farewell ceremony Sunday.

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