CDO parents upset about delay in school threat notification

The threat came in a 6:40 a.m. but parents weren’t told of the incident until 8 p.m.

Parents at CDO say they should have known about school threat sooner

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A 15-year-old was arrested Wednesday, Aug. 21, after allegedly making a threat against a school in the Tucson area.

According to the Oro Valley Police Department, a threat against Canyon Del Oro was reported around 6:40 a.m.

The student, who has not been identified, is facing a charge of interference with an educational institution.

“A parent of a student attending CDO reported her child observed a threat made via computer warning other students not to attend school the next day and threatened the safety of the school,” the OVPD said in a news release.

But some CDO parents are speaking up, saying they wish they had been notified earlier.

Like Lia Chester, a parent of a freshman at CDO. "Its pretty frightening. It's scary its nasty.”

That’s how Chester described what’s her son Billy is exposed to on the internet. Between social media and online gaming, she said it’s become a platform for kids to say whatever they want.

"For some of these kids it's just words. But unfortunately lately we’ve seen that some of these kids have actions behind their words," said Chester.

It hit close to home when she opened her email Wednesday night, finding a letter from Canyon Del Oro.

"The principal sent out a notice around 8:30 pm and the first thing I saw is that we had an incident report at 6:39 am. And I'm like that’s over 12 hours.”

Lia is upset about the hours in between notifying the parents. In fact she spoke with a substitute teacher who said they had no clue.

"At that time there was no mention that several hours earlier there had actually been a threat to the school.”

KOLD voiced her concerns with the Amphi School District Thursday.

They say their decision to notify parents is on a case by case basis. There was no reason to cause what could have been chaos because there wasn’t any information to be released and because it was not during a school day.

Last year when a social media post showed a student with a gun in the parking lot the school went on lockdown and parents were immediately notified. Also due to the fact that students were still on campus.

But even after speaking with the principal today, Lia said she still had a right to know earlier.

"Whether or not it’s a discernible threat, its not their choice its mine. I want to know right away and decide 'yes, you’re going to stay home today until its safe' or 'boy, it’s a good thing we didn’t send you because something happened that nobody was able to stop.'”

The school district tells KOLD that if a threat or situation is not resolved, they make sure to have extra police presence on campus the next day.

The OVPD said it increased officer presence at the school during the investigation.

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