Wife, child of minor league baseball player killed in triple homicide; Relative arrested

Graphic: Wife, child of minor league baseball player die in triple homicide

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ/WSET/CNN) - The wife and child of a minor league baseball player are reportedly among the dead in a triple homicide in Virginia.

Authorities have captured the suspect, who is related to at least two of the victims, WDBJ reported.

Violence erupted in Virginia on Tuesday.

"Our office received a call from a neighbor just down the street advising up that they believed that someone had been shot," Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office Mike Taylor said.

Two women and a child were found dead in Pittsylvania County.

"This was a shock to our community, to anybody's community when something like this happens. And it's just a reminder about how fragile life is," Taylor said.

Two of the victims are the wife and child of minor league baseball player Blake Bivens, a member of the Montgomery Biscuits, which is a part of the Tampa Bay Rays organization.

The team’s games were cancelled Tuesday citing a family tragedy, WSFA reported.

According to ESPN, the suspect is Bivens' 18-year-old brother-in-law, who police have named as Matthew Bernard. He has been arrested on three counts of first-degree murder.

Media reported that a naked Bernard attacked a groundskeeper at a Baptist church while on the run.

“I never dreamed that anything like this would ever happen to me and wished it hadn’t had happened,” the unidentified man said. “I’m not one to get involved in something like this.”

A naked suspect attacked a man. He was apprehended in connection with a triple shooting.
A naked suspect attacked a man. He was apprehended in connection with a triple shooting. (Source: WSET/CNN)

Authorities said they placed three schools in the area on lockdown, and about 100 officers from various agencies responded to the scene.

They eventually captured him and took him into custody.

"I would say the immediate threat is gone to this community today if that would be of some help, but it's a call for vigilance for all of us," Taylor said.

It is unclear whether Bernard has an attorney or what plea he will enter.

Family have so far declined to comment. Authorities have not released a possible motive.

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