UNEARTHED: Ancient remains discovered at southern AZ golf course

Remains found at Kino Springs Golf Resort are believed to be prehistoric

History unearthed on golf course

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Kino Springs Golf Resort is closed for the season, but some recent maintenance work turned up what could be an archaeological hole-in-one.

Staff from the Arizona State Museum are investigating what’s believed to be ancient human remains found at the course in Nogales near State Route 82.

A worker operating a heavy piece of equipment said he noticed some bones in the dirt he dug up near the course. Luis assumed it belonged to an animal and kept digging. When he noticed what appeared to be a skull, he notified the front office.

He's worked throughout Santa Cruz County the last 20 years and Luis said he's never come across anything like this.

Office staff called on sheriff's deputies, who then involved the medical examiner's office, who ultimately contacted the Arizona State Museum.

Jim Watson, PhD, visited the site Friday afternoon following some research on the area. He collected what was found and notified the Tohono O'odham Nation.

Watson said it's too soon to know for sure who has the rightful claim to what was uncovered, but he's certain the remains are prehistoric. He said research showed part of the resort is on an archaeological site.

The area in question won't become an active dig, according to Watson. He said the property owners can do as they please as long as the state is notified of any other discoveries.

"We're here to help both the landowner as well as the tribal communities, making sure that remains are treated with respect, dealt with and the final disposition is amenable to everyone," he said.

Kino Springs Golf Resort is scheduled to reopen for the fall season in October.

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