Red Cross of Southern Arizona sends volunteers to Dorian

Retired couple plans to drive across the country to help with hurricane disaster relief

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the Bahamas Sunday.

With winds close to 200 miles per hour, it hit the islands at a category 5 hurricane.

Before Dorian hits the US, The Red Cross is sending out volunteers around the nation, including from Tucson. Terry and Laurel Parrott are a husband-and-wife duo who volunteer with the Southern Arizona Red Cross. They drive an Emergency Response Vehicle, or ERV.

Their main function is to hand out food and water.

“We’re not first responders,” said Terry Parrott. “We’re second responders.”

The two have been doing this for almost a year. They deployed to Hurricane Michael and El Paso after the shooting.

“It’s pretty eye opening,” said Terry Parrott of his previous experiences. “There are no businesses left, there are no houses left.”

They will be driving the near 1,500 miles to Alabama to stage until further instructions are given. Their trip was delayed by about a day because they had to acquire a new ERV to drive.

To make a $10 donation, text DORIAN to 90999.

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