City of Tucson, companies hosting e-scooter demonstration

City of Tucson, companies hosting e-scooter demonstration
Bird will provide half of the scooters that will be available in downtown Tucson. (Source: Bird)

TUCSON, Ariz. - The city of Tucson, along with two national manufactures, will host an e-scooter demonstration Wednesday, Sept. 4.

The event will be held on the southwest corner of the Sixth Avenue and Seventh Street from 4-6 p.m. City staff will be on hand to offer free rides, helmets and informational materials.

Tucson’s pilot program, which will give residents the opportunity to rent an e-scooter to get around town, launches Thursday, Sept. 12. E-scooter manufacturers Bird and Razor will each put 750 e-scooters on the road.

The pilot program will last six months, during which time the city will “conduct an evaluation of the program to determine if and how shared electric scooters serve the transportation needs of our community and help achieve the goals of the program.” At the end of the six months, the city council will decided the fate of e-scooters in the city.

Tucson officials have said the pilot program was designed to “maximize safety, minimize sidewalk riding and clutter and test the viability of scooters as a mobility option in Tucson.”

Several groups have voiced their concerns over e-scooters, citing problems other cities have reported after launching similar programs.

Full details about Tucson’s e-scooter share pilot program are available online at: