Caught on camera: Car chase ends in dramatic crash, fight in Calif.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KMAX/KOVR/CNN) - A surveillance camera captured a high-speed crash that left the front of someone's house completely caved in, and that's only the beginning of the drama that unfolded.

The video is heart-stopping: A driver runs a stop sign, crashing into an SUV. People and animals start screaming. A startled neighbor calls for help.

Vinny Valenzuela's surveillance cameras captured it all.

"When I got over there, there was smoke from the airbags and a bunch of yelling and pandemonium," Valenzuela said.

He said the car that ran the stop sign was being chased by a red Camaro. The video shows the Camaro pulling up after the crash and making a U-turn.

Valenzuela says that's when the driver of the Camaro got out and attacked.

"The guy in the Camaro stopped, got out of the car, yanked the other dude into the middle of the street and socked him up a couple times," he said.

Police said this crash stemmed from a domestic dispute that happened in West Sacramento.

Each car in the wreck had two people inside. They were all taken to the hospital, but none of them suffered serious injuries.

A suspect has been arrested, but police won't say any more to protect the privacy of the victim.

A man that lives directly next door to the crash scene, who did not want to be identified, spoke through his Ring camera.

"It's kind of sad to think about how people release their frustrations," the neighbor said. "If you're frustrated, you shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car."

Michael Jennings lives down the road and said he's worried to see this happen near his home and where his kids go to school.

“That was crazy though, as soon as they ran a stop sign, ‘Bam!’” he said. “Two different people, two different situations coming together in one mess.”

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