Restaurant Report Card: Tucson restaurant repeating problems

KOLD Restaurant Report Card: Tucson restaurant repeating problems

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A Tucson restaurant is having trouble in the kitchen and it could cost them their permit.

KOLD News 13 first told you about Angry Crab Shack and BBQ a few weeks ago when the restaurant at 1365 W. Grant Road received a probation rating.

The rating was issued by the Pima County Health Department after inspectors found a handful of violations that could make you sick.

Since receiving that rating, Food Establishment Inspection Reports show the restaurant has failed four re-inspections and was even forced to shut it’s doors in late August. The closure occurred because of the lack of working refrigeration, causing what the health department calls an imminent health hazard (IHH).

The report included a photograph of a sign that appeared to be taped to the front door of the restaurant that read “Currently closed for maintenance. Sorry."

According to the health department, the restaurant passed their IHH re-inspection a day later and was approved to reopen. But, on Sept. 6, the restaurant failed an inspection again for lack of working refrigeration.

The inspector noted refrigeration units were still not maintaining foods at 41-degrees or below, as required.

Bad food temperatures, a common violation, can lead to fast-growing bacteria, causing you to get sick.

According to the most recent report filed with the Pima County Health Department, the restaurant will have another re-inspection on Monday, Sept. 16. If the facility does not pass at that time, the reports will be turned over to the Pima County Attorney’s Office to issue a Demand Letter and that may result in a permit revocation.

To see the latest information about restaurants that have failed in the past, search for the restaurant on the health department website.

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