Waiter mistakes ALS for drunkenness, refuses to serve Pa. man a drink until he provides proof

PHILADELPHIA (KYW/CNN) - Video of a woman yelling at a restaurant manager has gone viral.

She was angry because the staff thought her husband was drunk and refused to serve him alcohol. He actually has ALS.

Those with the restaurant say she was overreacting.

When his wife showed up with proof, she yelled at the waiter who refused her husband a drink.
When his wife showed up with proof, she yelled at the waiter who refused her husband a drink. (Source: Brandy Harris)

"It's very hard to go through all that," said Dan Hare, who was refused a drink.

Last month, the 26-year-old was diagnosed with ALS.

Every day is a new challenge for him and his wife, Bryanna Hare.

"Just to get dressed, just to brush his teeth, to walk up and down the steps is literally a struggle for him," she said.

So, when Dan Hare met up with friends at Las Margaritas on Friday night, he thought he'd grab a drink or two.

Instead, staff denied him service.

The waiter thought Dan Hare's slurs were from intoxication, even though he didn't have any drinks that night.

"It made me feel really helpless and almost, you know, like I didn't deserve to be out enjoying myself," he said.

His friends backed him up and explained his situation to the waiter.

Staff asked for proof, but Dan Hare didn't have any on him.

He called his wife to bring a binder of his medical papers. When she got there, she shouted at the manager, describing her husband's condition.

"You do not treat someone like that who's handicapped," she yells on the recording.

The group eventually left the restaurant.

"They were very aggressive," said Vittoria Perez, owner of Las Margaritas.

Perez thinks Bryanna Hare's reaction was over the top. She said her staff only denied serving Dan Hare because they were protecting the restaurant.

"If anything happens, we're liable. We apologize if we hurt him in any way, like feelings wise, because if it was that he really has this disease, I feel bad," Perez said.

Still, the Hares won't make any return trips to Las Margaritas.

"Someone can be treated like that is horrible," Bryanna Hare said.

The Hares say Perez should train her staff in handling situations like theirs.

Perez said the Hares should carry some kind of proof in the future to prove Dan Hare’s condition.

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