Millennials add emojis, pictures and bitmojis to resumes

Millennials and resumes

PHOENIX, Ariz. (3TV/CBS5) - Looking for a job or trying to spice up the resume?

In an effort to show personality and creativity, some millennials are adding emojis, bitmojis and pictures to their resumes.

“It’s been a really big spike, especially in the last couple of years," said Nick Morrison with Potere Talent. “We are seeing more and more of that happen today.”

Morrison said most job seekers may want to save those trendy icons for real life, not a resume.

“If someone reads your resume and they see these bitmojis and pictures, they may make a story that you just want to have fun,” Morrison said.

Morrison said a formal resume really hasn’t changed over the years. He said you also need to remember emoji-loving millennials are not normally the people doing the hiring.

“It’s not their communication style, that’s not how they communicate professionally, that’s not how they came up in the world,” Morrison said when referring to CEOs and managers who are looking for talent.

Morrison said a resume should be easy to read since most employers initially only spend 60 seconds or so looking at it.

“Your resume is really your ticket to get an interview," he said. “You want things on there that give a really great first impression and get people into conversation with you.”

That doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, it all depends on the job you’re applying for.

“If you’re in marketing and you are working for a company that is very vibrant and alive, you want to reflect that in your resume,” Morrison said.

Morrison prefers more traditional resumes for most jobs that have everything laid out like work history, skills and contact info.

You may want a visually appealing resume, but basic is better most of the time.

“Color is very difficult to translate so be very careful with color," he said. “Some accounting departments are very black and white so to have a very colorful resume, it doesn’t really work with the job.

“The most important thing is to get to learn about the job, what is the company like, what is the role going to be and maybe you can reflect your resume to them,” Morrison said.

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