WATCH: Exclusive interview with Vice President Mike Pence

KOLD’s Dan Marries talks with the VP about border security, immigration and the environment

ONLY ON KOLD: One-on-one interview with Vice President Mike Pence

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - In his third visit to Arizona this year, Vice President Mike Pence spent a few hours in southern Arizona to talk about trade and immigration.

After landing at Tucson International Airport, the vice president took a motorcade to the Caterpillar Training Center and Proving Ground near Green Valley.

While he kept his speech focused on getting the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement passed, KOLD News 13 anchor Dan Marries was able to get an exclusive one-on-one interview with the vice president to ask about the latest on border security. The VP didn’t mince words when it came to securing the border and President Donald Trump’s efforts to stop illegal immigration.

“We make it clear that we’re a nation of laws," he said. “We have a secure border."

As with past trips, Pence called on Congress to tackle the ongoing issue of illegal immigration and pass a comprehensive reform bill.

“Congress should set politics aside and work with our administration to close the loopholes human traffickers use to entice those vulnerable families to take the long and dangerous journey north from Central America," he said.

Dan asked the vice president why can’t the U.S. government secure the border to stop illegal immigration.

“Well Dan, the good news is thanks to President Trump’s leadership, we are securing our border," he said. “We’re bringing the immediate crisis of illegal immigration that was overwhelming our border just six months ago to an end. Thanks to the president’s strong stand, Mexico is doing more to secure our border than ever before.”

But does Trump’s hard stance on border security come at a cost to the environment?

“President Trump has no higher priority than the security of the American people and border security is national security,” Pence said. “Not only have we seen vulnerable families coming across our southern border in record numbers, but as you know all too well, criminal elements and the flow of a massive amount of drugs come across our border. Everything begins with border security and thanks to President Trump’s leadership, we’re making tremendous progress."

Pence was again asked about the possible impact a border wall could have on the environment.

That’s when I asked this: “What about the environment? Because some of the border wall could impact wildlife migration.”

“We’re very confident the Army Corps of Engineers that’s overseeing all of the construction is going to do it in a way that will full be compliance with the law and fully consistent with the common interests of the American people.”

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