Tucson woman warns of social media scams

Audrey Gardoni sharing her story to protect others

Tucson woman warns of social media scams

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A Tucson woman is sharing her story so no one else will fall for a social media scam that she became aware of after joining Twitter.

After Audrey Gardoni joined the social media site, she heard about a philanthropist helping out people in need, so she signed up.

She didn’t realize certain people would try to steal her identity or money.

Gardoni was contacted by a man claiming to be the philanthropist. But she later discovered that instead of helping her, he was after her money and identity.

The man offered Gardoni thousands of dollars. But he wanted her social security number, bank account number and other information, which she didn’t provide. She did, however, give the man her cell phone number.

The lead to three straight days of phone calls and text messages, all requests for her personnel information.

Gardoni didn’t fall for the scam, but wanted to share her story to protect other potential victims.

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