‘Otherwise I’d be dead:’ Midtown resident counts blessings after car crashes into home

No one suffered any major injuries

Car into house

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Police are investigating a crash that caused a vehicle to crash into a home near the Grant Road and Mountain Avenue intersection Thursday afternoon, Oct. 10.

Two cars collided, sending one crashing into the side of the house. No one suffered any major injuries.

Grant Road and Mountain Avenue were closed for a few hours during clean up, but the area is back open.

Police have not yet cited anyone involved in the collision.

James Boyle was one of three people inside the home during the crash.

“I guess my luck is better than I think it is," Boyle said. “Out of nowhere, I just heard this loud screech sound.”

That screech was the sound of a car smashing through his bedroom wall, leaving a giant hole in looking out into the street.

Even through his misfortune, Boyle is counting his blessings.

He typically spends his time in his bedroom, recuperating from a broken ankle. But Thursday, he just happened to be on the couch.

“Honestly, it sounded like a car went through my house. It was exactly what it was and I was genuinely terrified,” Boyle said.

Boyle’s terror turned to relief once he realized the driver and everything of true importance in the room were spared.

Now, clean up begins for Boyle and his roommates. It will take some time until everything is back in its place but, for now, Boyle is just happy to be alive.

“A couple of my friends are saying, ‘Oh man, you have the worst luck,'" he said. “And no, I’ve got the best — otherwise I’d be dead.”

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