Police roll out X-ray scanners at Arizona football game

Technology helping keep fans safe at Wildcats games

Police roll out X-ray scanners at Arizona football game
Grants paid for the new technology in Tucson. (Source: KOLD)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - New technology is helping keep you safer in the stands at the University of Arizona home games. Even if you never see it.

The Tucson Police Department’s Bomb Squad recently received new X-ray scanners courtesy of two grants. One from the Department of Homeland Security and Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Foundation.

Sgt. Dain Salisbury with the Tucson Police bomb squad is one of the many members keeping their eyes away from the game and on the ground. Searching through backpacks, purses, and anything left behind that couldn’t make it past the gates.

"When you have a clear bag or a no bag policy a lot of people dump their bags so they don’t have to go back to their cars. So usually this is where they’re at their busiest which is at the gates.” said Salisbury.

Salisbury compared their new X-ray technology to that of getting X-rays done at the dentist. "It does the same thing on a portable scale for a package.”

It looks like a regular tablet but can reveal everything in a backpack.

It takes them mere minutes, roughly 2 to 5, which is a dramatic change from the old software that took nearly half an hour.

"What it does is it gives our officers the intelligence they need prior to going inside the package with their hands. They get to see what’s inside first prior to unzipping the package or opening the box itself so it keeps our officers safe.” said Salisbury.

Salisbury said that their goal is to do all of this behind the scenes so that everyone attending the game can focus on having fun.

“We want to make sure our interaction is to a minimum. But our judge of success is nobody knows were here and everybody just enjoys the event," said Salisbury.

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