Pima Animal Care Center ready to adopt out dozens of chickens

Chickens for adoption

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Pima Animal Care Center on Silverbell Road has nearly 60 chickens and roosters up for adoption.

The birds were surrendered to the shelter and are available for $5 apiece and a maximum of five. Most are available immediately and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

With urban farming becoming more and more popular, chickens are making their way into home across Tucson.

Tucson city council members passed an urban farming initiative in 2015 allowing residents to house chickens on their property, with the exception of their male counter parts: roosters.

With urban farming booming in Tucson, there are few things prospective chicken parents should know before adopting a clucking critter.

Elizabeth Sparks from the Tucson Village Farm says a chicken coop needs to be predator proof.

“You don’t want your chickens to be eaten,” she said.

Not having a proper coop is one of the biggest mistakes a chicken parent can make.

But, before making the commitment, Sparks said its important to know what’s in store.

“You can’t take a vacation without making sure you have someone to check on them while you’re gone,” she said. “So you have to think, once it stops laying eggs. what am I going to do with that chicken."

Anyone interested in adopting a chicken can send an email to Michele.Figueroa@pima.gov

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