Every state’s favorite spooky movie for kids

Every state’s favorite spooky movie for kids
Source: (Frontier) (Source: Frontier)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - We all have a favorite spooky movie from our childhood, but do you know which spooky kid movie is your state’s favorite?

Frontier gathered stats from Google Trends to calculate the most popular spooky movie for kids in each state and the results are in!

Source: (Frontier)
Source: (Frontier) (Source: Frontier)

Alabama Beetlejuice

Alaska FrankenWeenie

Arizona The Nightmare before Christmas

Arkansas Scooby-Doo

California Coco

Colorado Beetlejuice

Connecticut Ghostbusters

Delaware Monster House

District of Columbia Hocus Pocus

Florida The Haunted Mansion

Georgia ET

Hawaii Hotel Transylvania

Idaho Coco

Illinois Coco

Indiana The Nightmare before Christmas

Iowa Scooby-Doo

Kansas Ghostbusters

Kentucky The Nightmare before Christmas

Louisiana The Haunted Mansion

Maine Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Maryland ET

Massachusetts ET

Michigan Ghostbusters

Minnesota Ghostbusters

Mississippi Scooby-Doo

Missouri The Nightmare before Christmas

Montana Scooby-Doo

Nebraska Coco

Nevada Frankenweenie

New Hampshire Beetlejuice

New Jersey Ghostbusters

New Mexico Coraline

New York Ghostbusters

North Carolina Scooby-Doo

North Dakota Ghostbusters

Ohio Coco

Oklahoma Coco

Oregon HalloweenTown

Pennsylvania Ghostbusters

Rhode Island The Haunted Mansion

South Carolina ET

South Dakota Monster House

Tennessee Scooby-Doo

Texas Hotel Transylvania

Utah The Nightmare before Christmas

Vermont Ghostbusters

Virginia Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Washington Coco

West Virginia Hocus Pocus

Wisconsin Ghostbusters

Wyoming Casper

Halloweentown was filmed in St. Helens, OR, which might be why the state favors this classic so much.

Ghostbusters took place in New York City, which makes sense as to why the State of New York chose this film as their favorite.

Though favorite spooky movies vary state by state, there’s no denying these films capture the nostalgia of Halloween!

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