Prop 205 Mural Vandalized

Vandalism on Tucson mural

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Just weeks before Tucson voters decide on whether or not to become a sanctuary city, a mural supporting it is defaced.

The Prop 205 initiative mural can be seen from the street on E Broadway near Columbus Street.

Alex Kack, the Field Organizer with the People's Defense Initiative (PDI) said they are not sure when exactly the vandalism happened, but they just became aware of it Tuesday.

The mural had been finished less than a week ago on Wednesday Oct. 16th.

Brown spray paint can be seen covering a part of the mural that says "Abolish ICE. It also says "Support Trump" several times.

“Someone poured their heart and soul into this and someone else felt the need to destroy that to send a message. A message that’s much better left at the ballot box or in talking to your neighbors. If you oppose it, go put in the work," said Kack.

The homeowners are known to use this space of their fence for a variety of issues and causes, and recently teamed up with the PDI.

Kack said that regardless of whether you support Prop 205, this is not the way to get your point across.

“This is an important issue for everyone to decide on. It really is. I think it’s an important issue for our community to decide on ultimately I think this is a community of tolerance and welcoming one," said Kack. "But it’s a real shame that some people feel this is a better way to get their message across.”

This isn’t the only place that’s been affected. Kack said their mural down on 4th Ave that was done during Paintstock was cut down and removed within the last day or so.

A police report has not been filed. PDI has not decided on whether or not the will paint over the vandalism.

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