Javelinas take over Tubac

Javelinas take over Tubac
Javelina de Tubac seeks to promote tourism in Tubac. (Source: Javelina de Tubac)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -A javelina isn’t usually something you want to run into out on the town, but what about one in a tutu? A new project is bringing about 50 javelina to Tubac.

The Javelina de Tubac project is an idea to bring attention, and that it does, to the Tubac art scene.

“We want to highlight our talent, and I think this is one of the best ways we can do this,” said Michelle Phillips, executive director of the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation.

Dozens of javelinas are painted with each artist’s wildest dreams. From Van Gogh to political statements and representing life in the desert, the javelinas are sure to catch the eyes of those walking by. Actor Dennis Quaid even signed one of them.

Actor Dennis Quaid signed a Javelina while in the area.
Actor Dennis Quaid signed a Javelina while in the area. (Source: Actor Dennis Quaid)

Starting October 16th, they will go in around Tubac, at the Tucson International Airport, the Desert Museum and other places for five months, before they’ll be auctioned off.

Nick Wilson is one of the artists who helped make this idea come to life. He not only sculpted the javelina for others to paint but painted one himself.

“Painting a canvas, a flat surface is one thing, but painting a three-dimensional object and getting underneath and around is a whole other thing,” said Wilson.

The project is coordinated by the Tubac Center of the Arts.

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