Arizona man arrested, suspected of stealing grave markers

Arizona man arrested, suspected of stealing grave markers
Catlin James Hessler has been arrested for allegedly stealing brass grave markers from a cemetery, then selling them for profit. (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. (AP) — Arizona authorities have arrested a man suspected of stealing more than 1,700 brass grave markers from a Litchfield Park cemetery and selling them for profit.

Court docket shows 31-year-old Catlin James Hessler faces 10 felony counts of trafficking in stolen property, but authorities suspect him in more thefts.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office deputies believe Hessler stole 1,770 markers used to mark the graves, but 1,670 remain missing.

Deputies say the hockey puck-sized markers are worth more than $43,000 combined.

Authorities say cemetery workers installed cameras and were able to get a vehicle description and license plate number.

Authorities say the vehicle was registered to Hessler's parents.

Hessler acknowledged visiting his girlfriend's grave at the cemetery when interviewed.

An attorney for Hessler was not listed on court records.