Kino School brings Halloween fun to classroom

Kino School on Halloween

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Halloween is on a school day this year, and one Tucson-area school is hoping to make it a fun learning experience.

Kino School, a private, non-profit school had a Halloween-extraordinaire. Kids came dressed in the spookiest costumes around, but better yet, starting mid-day, they were able to learn with Halloween Haunts.

Each class group came up with ideas for activities for students to play, see or interact with. There were two escape rooms, where students had to find clues to “unlock” the door and get out.

“It was pretty hard, like we found some clues, but we couldn’t figure it out really,” said Gabby Fugere, a student at Kino School.

The “Kino Casino” also opened up shop, costing players a few candy corn to buy in. The week before, students made a robot candy dispenser.

“It works by the motion sensor,” said Alexis Trejo, a student at Kino School.

Some students even welded together a pumpkin launcher—a modern, school appropriate, take on a catapult.

“Technically, we have a no weapons policy for good reason,” said Joel Roepke, shop teacher at Kino School.

Using metal and scrap they had at the shop on property, students built the more than six-foot catapult. They used 250 pounds of weights to shoot the pumpkins about 70 feet across the grounds.

“I’m proud of it,” said Fernando Lopez, a student who helped build the catapult.

It was learning hidden like a ghost. Many of the students were having so much fun, they didn’t know they were learning.

“Maybe they don’t realize they’re actually being educated, but the reality is they absolutely are,” said Roepke.

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